Are The Social Medias A Good Influence Or Not

These days, if you aren’t part of social media, is a “shame” for some peoples but we don’t agree with this. Everyone makes choices for his life, and if you have decided to don’t be part of social media, this is the best decision that you have made in your life. Peoples are going to be influenced more and more, day after day, after social media, and this is not a good thing. But on the other way, we get too many benefits from social media. Let’s discuss each other.

The influence of social media is not good because they are creating a big difference between peoples all over the world in place of sending them closer to each other.

The second bad thing is that social media are attracting peoples to spend more time with online apps like Facebook, Instagram, etc., than with peoples that are around us. We need to divide time between people and social media because we are losing too many moments that are passing around us.

On the other hand, we have the benefits that these social media are bringing to us. For example, thanks to social media, we have the chance to talk with our dear peoples across the world. The second benefit is that we have by social media is that we are earning money by using them. So, these are the advantages and disadvantages of social media. And the influence that they are creating for these models. With this article and with the photos we have brought for you, I hope to help you to find the answer to the influence that these social media have created on the entire world.

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